13. May, 2021

Day 13 Walking to Walsingham

Day 13
It not an unlucky number for us, we have had a good day, Ascension Thursday. May we walk all the way to Heaven's gate.

Mother, Sr Elizabeth and Sr Ruth 26,055 steps
Sr Beatrix and Sr Sertaphina 25,559 steps
Sr Agatha and Sr Anezka 16,562 steps
Sr Juilana and Sr Bakhita 18,411 steps
Sr Lilly, Sr Francis and Sr Amata 24,863 steps
Sr Lourdes 13,735 steps
Sr Pia had to go to hospital today, nothing serious, just an x-ray but she man´╗┐aged 1000 steps, Praise God!

Did you hear Mother Damian on the radio today? God bless you all.
Those who are praying for us as we walk, those who have cared for our feet by sending foot cream and those who have donated to our rebuilding, we love you all!

And we always remember you in our prayers.
Your Poor Clare Sisters
Notts Nuns