11. May, 2021

Day 11 Walking to Walsingham

Day 11 was interesting with all our leaks dripping like taps as the rain came down and in. We discovered a new one as you will see from the video.

besides leaks we got our miles in, some of us just getting there in time.

Mother, Sr Elizabeth and Sr Ruth 27,733 steps
Sr Beatrix and Sr Seraphina 24,693 steps
Sr Agatha and Sr Anezka 17,586 steps
Sr Juilana and Sr Bakhita 16,301 steps
Sr Lilly, Sr Francis and Sr Amata 24,773 steps
Sr Lourdes 13,978 steps
Sr Pia managed 180 steps today

God bless you all for the help and encouragement you are giving to us. It keeps us on stepping out, even on dull days.
And Remember we are praying for you

Your Poor Clare Sisters
Notts Nuns