9. May, 2021

Day 9 Walking to Walsingham

Today was Sunday, so we managed to get a lot of steps done. We tried to find inventive ways to include our steps into our day because the ground was so wet outside. Also Mother Damian was interviewed on BBC radio this morning by Frances Finn, if anyone is interested in listening the segment started at 8.45am.

Mother, Sr Elizabeth and Sr Ruth 32,899 steps
Sr Beatrix and Sr Seraphina 25961 steps
Sr Agatha and St Anezka 23,647 steps
Sr Juilana and Sr Bakhita 18595 steps
Sr Lilly, Sr Francis and Sr Amata 28,025 steps
Sr Lourdes 14,804 steps
Sr Pia is on the mend but not up to walking yet, the rest of the sisters more than made up for her lack.

God bless you all and know that you are remembered by us as we step around and around our cloister.
Your Poor Clare Sisters
Notts Nuns