8. May, 2021

Day 8, Walking to Walsingham

Day 8 was a wet one, Rain, rain and more rain! and unlike the movie not everyone was singing in the rain... Sr Agatha seemed to enjoy herself though.
We arrived no where, we are literally in the middle of no where on the A52 but we are 29.6 miles down the road now. So, though our bodies and feet are telling us to turn back we are full steam ahead.

Mother, Sr Elizabeth and Sr Ruth 22,819 steps
Sr Beatrix and Sr Seraphina 21594 steps
Sr Agatha and Sr Anezka 17303 steps
Sr Juilana and Sr Bakhita 16390 steps
Sr Lilly, Sr Francis and Sr Amata 24161 steps
Sr Lourdes 12710 steps

Sr Pia continues to be out of action but getting better. We are still covering her and she is still 'stepping out' with the rosary.

God bless those who are supporting us in prayers and donations.
Every Blessing
Your Poor Clare sisters
Notts Nuns