5. May, 2021

Day Five Walking to Walsingham

Day five, a busy day! Poor Sr Pia is unwell laid up in bed so all the angels were out doing her steps for her so that we all arrived in Bottesford together.
Wednesday is Adoration day in this holy house, time to spend with Our Lord in the Eucharist. And we stepped out in between.

Mother, Sr Elizabeth and Sr Ruth 28008 steps
Sr Beatrix and Sr Seraphina 16152 steps
Sr Agatha and Sr Anezka 18890 steps
Sr Juilana and Sr Bakhita 22076 steps
Sr Lilly, Sr Francis and Sr Amata 27025 steps
Sr Pia and Sr Lourdes 16000 steps

We Hope that wherever you are you enjoyed lovely sunny weather like we did.
God bless all of you who have sponsored a sister today or sent in a donation, we are so very grateful.

And remember we are praying for you
Your Poor Clare Sisters
Notts Nuns