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Holy Mile in Walsingham

We Made it!!!!! just a silly little video

How it will all work!

Right, we are walking to Walsingham, virtually, I think we all understand that.

How will it work?

We will be walking in pairs or groups. Our ages range from 33 - 83, with many differing health and fitness levels.

So, I am sure you can all understand that some sisters just could not manage the whole 3.7 miles each day. That is why we are in teams. Those sisters less able will have a 'guardian angel' who will walk what miliage she can not walk herself. But, never fear each pair will have walked the 7.4 miles a day or for the groups 11.1 miles.

Our teams are:

Mother Damian, Sr Elizabeth and Sr Ruth
Sr Lilly, Sr Amata and Sr Francis
Sr Agatha and Sr Anezka
Sr Beatrix and Sr Seraphina
Sr Juliana and Sr Bakhita
Sr Pia and Sr Lourdes

Maybe, you like the idea of sponsoring this endeavour.
You can choose to sponsor a Team or a sister.

If you are interested you can get in contact with us at: 

Our Bank details are:
Lloyds Bank
Account Name : Poor Clare Colettines, 
Sort Code 30-98-97
Account Number 62388860

For further information please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Every day we will try to upload something to let you know how each team is doing.




Sr Elizabeth, Sr Ruth and Mother Damian

Sr Francis, Sr Lilly and Sr Amata

Sr Lourdes and Sr Pia

Sr Beatrix and Sr Seraphina

Sr Agatha and Sr Anezka

Sr Juilana and Sr Bakhita