17. May, 2021

Day 17

Day 17 was a bits and pieces day.
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16. May, 2021

Day 16 Walking to Walsingham

Today we had a bit of help from bob the builders sister, hahahaWe hope you enjoyed your Sunday, as we did.
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16. May, 2021

Day 15 Walking to Walsingham

Day 15We planted our beans and cleared out the pond, hard workMother, Sr Elizabeth and Sr Ruth 30,001 stepsSr Beatrix and Sr Seraphina 23,566 stepsSr Agatha ...
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14. May, 2021

Day 14 Walking to Walsingham

Today we reach the halfway mark.
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13. May, 2021

Day 13 Walking to Walsingham

Day 13It not an unlucky number for us, we have had a good day, Ascension Thursday.
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12. May, 2021

Day 12 Walking to Walsingham

Day 12Another day of 24 hours of Adoration before the Lord, praying for you and our rebuilding project.
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11. May, 2021

Day 11 Walking to Walsingham

Day 11 was adventful with all our leaks dripping like taps has the rain came down and in and we discovered a new one as you will see from the video.
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9. May, 2021

Day 9 Walking to Walsingham

Today was Sunday, so we managed to get a lot of stepping done.
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8. May, 2021

Day 8, Walking to Walsingham

Day 8 was a wet one, Rain, rain and more rain!
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7. May, 2021

Day 7 walking to Walsingham

Well one whole week of walking to Walsingham, is complete, and I can really tell you that I have been so proud of our sisters, especially our older members w...
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6. May, 2021

Day Six

Well Day six of walking to Walsingham is over but our night still goes on.
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5. May, 2021

Day Five Walking to Walsingham

Day five, a busy day!
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