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Hi everyone and welcome to this blog where you can keep up with your Poor Clare sisters in Nottingham.
From walking to Walsingham, to daily life in the Monastery. 

So why a blog?

Well first, because we are super excited about this idea we have had to walk virtually from Nottingham to Walsingham in the month of May.
Each sister will complete the 3.7miles a day in steps around our cloister and garden. And we wanted to share this experience with all of you. 

Second, frankly, because we sisters find ourselves in a place not unfamiliar to that, that St Francis of Assisi (our founder) did over 800 years ago. For those who don't know the story, St Francis was in the church of San Damiano asking the Lord what he was to do. Our Lord replied 'Francis rebuild my house which you see is falling down.' So St Francis did.

St Francis begged stones from the people of Assisi and rebuilt not just San Damiano but other churches also. San Damiano became the monastery of the Poor Clare's. So why do I tell you this! Well, we feel these words are repeated in our day 'rebuild my house which you see is falling down.'

Our monastery is literally falling down round us.

Woodworm in the floor boards
Holes in the roof
Showers not useable due to water coming through the ceiling
Mould and fungus growing in cellings
Rusted guttering and pipes
Cracked sewage pipes
Disintegrating window frames
Brick work needing repointing

And the list goes on and on.

We have been told by builders and architects that we need to do something and by health professionals that the house is unhealthy. Therefore like St Francis of old we need to rebuild. So this blog is our tool to get our message out and maybe a way of fundraising. If anyone feels inspired to support the cause we would be most grateful. 

You could sponsor a sister on her walk to Walsingham
You could tell your family about our adventure
You could share this link with all your friends
You could pray at your Sunday service for us

or simply get in contact with us to find out how you can help.

Maybe you even know a millionaire.........

And of course you can pray that the Lord will help us rebuild for our future.

God bless you and please check in from the 1st May to see all we get up to on our walk.

And remember we are praying for you.

Your Poor Clare Sisters Notts Nuns❤